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felyx e-scooter sharing

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Travel through the city quickly and whenever you want with the felyx e-scooter sharing app. Search for the nearest felyx e-scooter, book and activate the share scooter in the app and off you go! Only pay for the minutes you ride and get the first 30 minutes free!

Felyx e-scooter sharing is now available in more than 10 cities in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Groningen, Brussels, Düsseldorf, Hamburg and many more!

Perks of the felyx e-scooter sharing app
🕑Book : You can book an e-scooter for free for up to 15 minutes and €0.15 cents per extended minute.
🔔Smart radar function : Receive a notification when a shared scooter becomes available in your area.
🆓Earn free driving minutes : Invite your friends to use felyx e-scooter sharing and receive 15 free driving minutes.
🅿️Parking mode : Do you want to park the felyx e-scooter for a while, but don't want to run the risk of someone else renting the e-scooter? Use the parking mode and keep the shared e-scooter for €0.10 p/m (NL), €0,13 p/m (DE) and €0.15 p/m (BE).
🔋Battery status : Know the amount of battery charge of each e-scooter before you book it.
👷Helmets available : See how many helmets are available with the e-scooter before you book it.

How does felyx e-scooter sharing work?
1. Register in minutes 📱 Easily register with the app's handy driver's license verification system. Add your payment information and you're ready to ride.
2. Find & rent 🔍 Find a felyx e-scooter in your area in the app and book it with the push of a button.
3. Activate & off you go! 🚀 Activate the sharing scooter in the app and drive everywhere quickly and easily. We make sure batteries are full and maintenance is taken care of.
4. Park & go 🅿️ Arrived? Park the e-scooter neatly in the service area and end the rental with the app. No hassle with payment, driving minutes are automatically debited.

Frequently asked questions about felyx e-scooter sharing

What do you do regarding the hygiene of a felyx e-scooter?
Both the scooters and the helmets are cleaned and disinfected daily. All e-scooters that travel 45 km/h are equipped with helmets and hair nets.

I don't live in a felyx city, can I rent an e-scooter
Yes, you can! Registering in the Netherlands is quick and easy, provided that you have a (temporary) Dutch home address. That means it's ideal if you want to use the felyx e-scooter sharing app for one or a few days. In Brussels, you can also drive as a tourist with a foreign address.

How much does felyx cost?
With felyx, you only pay for what you use. In the Netherlands and Belgium, you pay €0.30/min and in Germany you’re paying €0.29/min in Hamburg and €0,27/min in Düsseldorf and Berlin — without hidden costs. Do you want to park the e-scooter for a while, but keep it for later use? Use the parking mode. At the moment, you don't pay any registration fee, but you will receive 30 free minutes for riding!

Do I need to have a driver's license and if so, what sort?
Class B (which also allows you to drive a car), class A or a moped license (class AM).

Can I drive and park outside a service area?
You can drive the felyx e-scooter outside the green marked areas in the app. However, activating and ending the rental is only possible within those green areas. It is possible to use the parking mode outside the service area at €0.10 p/m (NL), €0,13 p/m (DE) and €0.15 p/m (BE). The service area for a given city can be found on our website and on the map in the app. Make sure you park the e-scooter properly: don't block the footpath for pedestrians, wheelchairs and prams.

About felyx e-scooter sharing
We are a Dutch scale-up with ambitious plans for sustainable suburban transport. Want to know more about us? Do you have suggestions or ideas? Send us an e-mail ([email protected]) or visit our website.

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