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FNF Doki Doki Takeover Mod

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Doki Doki Takeover is a new MOD which includes a new reboot of the famous VS Monika MOD. The creators of VS Monika have been working hard to offer us a new update of this MOD based on the world of Doki Doki . We are facing one of the most awaited MODS of this season, and without a doubt, it has been worth the wait because it is very enjoyable. Raise your hand fans of Monika and her friends!

Doki Doki Takeover week contains more than 15 new songs, including the remastered VS Monika songs, and new songs in which we will have a rap battle against three new characters: Sayori, Natsuki and Yuri. These are songs with different catchy rhythms that emphasize the vocals of the characters. The difficulty varies between songs but we will have some really difficult ones, such as the song with Just Monika in which we will find arrows at full speed along with trick arrows that cannot be pressed. This secret song will be unlocked in the freeplay menu by beating the original weeks. Play and Enjoy.

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