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Material Style Watch Face

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Your watch*, your style!

Choose from over 600 configurations in total with 3 styles, and more than 15 accent colors and 15 background colors. Change your look as often as you want and have the right style on your clock for every occasion. Get the information that matters to you right on your wrist with 3 slots for Android Wear 2.0 complications, which can contain information from every app on your watch.


– full Android Wear 2.0 complication support
– 3 complication slots + additional date viewer
– More than 15 accent + 15 background colors, resulting in over 200 color themes in total
– 3 styles: classic, modern, simple
– digital clock with analog ticks and second hand

Supported Languages (depends on your smartwatch language):
– English
– French
– Spanish
– German
– more languages coming soon!

*This watchface is only compatible with Android 2.0 watches with a circular shape.

Download Material Style Watch Face 
Originals APK

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