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Mega Voxels Play: Voxel Editor

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Mega Voxels Play is a voxel editor you can use to create voxel art and pixel art 3D. Voxels, also called 3D Pixels, allow anyone to create 3D models easily using small cubic blocks. Share photos and videos of your voxel art with the world around you!


– Full-Featured Voxel Editor with intuitive controls
– Hundreds of 3D voxel models to explore: castles, cars, animals, spaceships, houses, food and more.
– Easy to color blocks with simple touch controls. Choose your color palette and tap to paint.
– Draw complex 3D scenes using voxels (volumetric pixels)
– Voxel builder supports Unlimited Scene Size
– Complete 3D Modeling Capabilities
– 24 bit RGB Color Support
– Import and Export models to many common formats including MagicaVoxel VOX, OBJ, and PNG
– Export 3D models as Wavefront OBJ with PNG texture
– Supports Transparent Materials like glass
– Realistic shadows and lighting
– Control light intensity and direction in the scene
– Configurable Shadow Softness
– Rendered scenes can be exported and shared universally
– Cut, Copy and Paste parts of your model
– Easily Move, Rotate and duplicate sections in your scene
– Add creative filters to your photos and videos to enhance your voxel art
– Bring your voxel models to life with a variety of different particle effects
– Many tools to choose from including the pencil, bucket fill, magic wand and more
– Share high-quality images of your scenes to your favorite social network
– View and display your creations in Augmented Reality (AR)
– Intuitive Mobile Voxel Editor App
– Create and Draw using custom colors
– Make and Save video animations to MP4
– Share arts with friends and the Mega Voxels Community
– Advanced Color picker includes HSV and RGB modes
– Use portrait mode and Landscape mode for Phones & Tablets
– Simple 3D Model Maker
– Powerful 3D Pixel Art Editor
– Saving files locally and on the cloud
– Dozens of powerful tools and features
– Gradient Background Tool
– Built-In adding, deleting and coloring brushes
– Modify rotations using the Rotate tool
– Resize models using Scale Tool
– Library of of high quality voxel models
– Symmetry drawing (Mirror mode) (X,Y,Z)
– Many Color Palettes
– Preview Voxel Models in Real-TIme
– Unlimited Scene Size
– Scenes support multiple models
– Customizable Background Color

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