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You’re already tracking your steps… shouldn’t you be able to share them with others?

With easy syncing through Google Fit, Rove provides a simple way for you and your crew to track your steps, together. Set your daily step goal and see how long you can keep a streak alive, keep up with who’s ruling the leaderboard, and face off in regular step competitions.

Get started right away! All you need is your Android Phone—No wearable required!

However, you can also sync steps from wearables like Android Wear, Garmin, Jawbone, Withings / Nokia, Misfit, Pebble, and any other device that syncs with Google Fit.

+ Create your league, and invite anyone you want to join.
+ Create weekly step competitions for your league with the press of a button.
+ Set your daily steps goal, and keep track of your streak.
+ Keep up with daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly leaderboards … for yourself and for your leaderboardMembers.
+ Battle it out for top Milestones, including Best Daily Average, Best Win-Loss Record, and Best Day, Week & Month.

Rove only collects your Steps Taken information from Google Fit to power your League leaderboards and competitions. Rove does not collect any other personal health data, nor does it share your Steps Taken information with anyone outside of your selected League. See Privacy Policy for more details.

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